Toronto, ON – When Sheba Sheba of Woodbridge won the March 25, 2017 LOTTO 6/49 jackpot, he began making plans for a special family reunion. “I haven’t seen my mother in 11 years,” Sheba shared while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto where he picked up his cheque for $12,243,921.70. “She is a wonderful woman and I have missed her very much. We are from Iraq, but she now lives in Lebanon. Seeing her again is at the top of my wish list.”

The married father of three found out about his Big Win the day after the draw. “I was at the store to grab a coffee and check my lottery ticket. I used the ticket checker but I couldn’t see what was on the screen because I forgot my glasses. Still, I knew something was different so I immediately took my ticket to the retailer and asked him to validate it.”

As soon as the terminal froze, the retailer began screaming. “He said, ‘You’re a Big Winner!’ I was so excited that I started screaming too. Once we calmed down, OLG called the store and that’s when I learned how much I won – more than $12 million! You can imagine my surprise. I don’t even remember driving home but I do remember running into the house, going up the stairs and waking my family up to tell them I won the lottery. I was hysterical. They told me to calm down but that’s when I showed them the $12 million validation slip.”

Distance, health issues and financial matters have prevented Sheba from seeing his loved ones in the Middle East. “That’s not a concern any more. In addition to visiting with my mom, I also want to visit family in Jordan and Iraq so we can celebrate this wonderful win. I have three adult kids and this win is theirs just as much as it is mine. I will help my newlywed daughter and her husband with the purchase of their first home. My son will also have my help as he opens a barber shop. Plus, my youngest daughter’s university tuition will be covered to help her get started with her career,” concluded Sheba.

The winning ticket was purchased at Villa Convenience on Weston Road in Woodbridge.

I have three adult kids and this win is theirs just as much as it is mine.

Sat, April 21 JACKPOT

$26,000,000 EST.



Sat Apr 21