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There are two ways to play DAILY KENO. You can also add ENCORE for just an extra buck.

DAILY KENO Quick Pick tickets

Don't like filling out Selection Slips?

Ask an OLG retailer for a Quick Pick – e.g.,

"I'll have a $1 DAILY KENO 10 PICK."

Two DAILY KENO Selection Slips

1. Choose how many numbers you would like to play.

2. Pick your numbers or choose Quick Pick.

3. Pick your bet: $1, $2, $5 or $10.

4. Pick from 1 to 10 draws.

Match your numbers to the 20 numbers drawn.

ENCORE celebrates the most winners. For only $1, ENCORE is a bonus game that offers a chance to win $1 million. And with 22 ways to win and prizes starting at $2, there are a million reasons to say 'yes' to ENCORE.

Just ask your lottery retailer to include ENCORE on Quick Picks with your host game. Or mark how many ENCORE you want to play (1-10) on your Selection Slip.

Cash prizes for matching left to right, right to left, or a combination of both. Overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 9.17.

Available only in Ontario.

Two DAILY KENO Quick Pick tickets

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OLG limits the total amount payable for prizes per draw in each of the 22 prize categories to $4 million. Should the aggregate of the prizes available to be won by all winning tickets in any prize category result in the prize category limit being exceeded, the prizes of the category are determined in proportion to the amount that would, except for this provision, otherwise have been available to be won on the winning selections of the category.

Unclaimed prizes from Ontario-only Lotto, Sports and INSTANT Games are directed to profits paid to the provincial government to benefit the people of Ontario.

Download the official DAILY KENO Game Conditions. Download the official Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Rules Respecting Lottery Games. While efforts are made to ensure that the rules and game conditions are accurate and up to date, they cannot always reflect changes. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) reserves the right to change these game conditions and Rules Respecting Lottery Games, with or without notice and at such times and in such manner as OLG deems appropriate.

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on our website, no warranty of accuracy or completeness is expressed or implied. Visit a retailer to obtain a list of official winning numbers or to use an in-store ticket checker.