1. What is ENCORE?

ENCORE is an add-on lottery game that can be played with a host lottery game such as LOTTO MAX, LOTTO 6/49, DAILY GRAND, ONTARIO 49, LOTTARIO, PICK-2, PICK-3, PICK-4 and DAILY KENO. For the low price of $1, ENCORE offers players an extra chance to win on their ticket. Players can win up to $1 Million on ENCORE.

2. How many combinations of numbers are available with ENCORE?

There are 10 million combinations of numbers from 0000000 to 9999999. When a player says "Yes" to ENCORE, the central computer system will select a number to be printed on the ticket. Numbers will start to repeat after all 10 million possible combinations are sold.

3. Why is OLG no longer displaying the ENCORE number on tickets where ENCORE was not purchased?

Since ENCORE can only be played by adding it to a play on another game, we had always included the number to remind players that ENCORE is also available. While planning for the current version of the game, we researched players and found that customers are divided on whether they prefer to see a number even if they don't play ENCORE, and so we decided to no longer add an ENCORE number on a ticket if the game is not played. Tickets on other games still include a reference to ENCORE, but we are no longer printing a number unless the customer chooses to play ENCORE.

4. Is there a separate ENCORE prize structure for each host game?

There is ONE prize structure that applies to all ENCORE purchases for any draw date. With ENCORE being added to multiple on-line terminal games, there will be only one ENCORE number drawn nightly. That one ENCORE number will apply to all host games that offer ENCORE drawn that night. For example, if a player purchases a LOTTO 6/49 with ENCORE, ONTARIO 49 with ENCORE and PICK-3 with ENCORE for a Saturday night draw, the one ENCORE number drawn on that Saturday night will apply to all of these ENCORE purchases.

5. How can ENCORE be played for draws in advance?

ENCORE can be purchased in advance with the purchase of any host game (i.e., PICK-2, PICK-3, PICK-4, LOTTO MAX, LOTTO 6/49, DAILY GRAND, DAILY KENO, LOTTARIO and ONTARIO 49). The number of advance ENCORE draws purchased must be the same as the number of host game draws purchased (e.g., if a player buys five LOTTO 6/49 advance draws and also wants ENCORE, then the player must purchase at least one ENCORE selection for each of the five host game draws).