Toronto, ONBarbara (Barb) Pigeau and Denis Bodson of Sudbury have a million reasons to celebrate after winning the Guaranteed $1 Million Prize from the July 5, 2017 LOTTO 6/49 draw.

“We’ve been playing the lottery as a group for nearly as long as we’ve known each other,” shared Barb while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto with her husband of 11 years, Denis. “We have five children and ten grandchildren so this win is amazing for us!”

Barb describes the moment she found out about the couple’s big win. “Denis was waiting in the truck and I went into the store to use the ticket checker. I saw the words, ‘Big Winner’ appear on the screen and thought we won $1,000, which was very exciting. I went back to the truck to share the news with Denis.”

The pair decided to head to a different store to validate their ticket. “The first store was too busy. I walked into a different store while Denis waited in the car. I asked the retailer to validate the ticket. The terminal shut down and I was confused. OLG called the store to confirm the win. That’s when we realized it was a $1 million ticket!”

The retailer ran out of the store to get Denis. “He told me to go into the store,” recalls Denis. “I walked in and my wife was on the phone, crying. I wanted to know what was happening and Barb told me we won $1 million. My knees got wobbly and I was in shock.”

Travel plans are underway for Barb and Denis. “I would love for us to go to Hawaii. The landscape and beaches look beautiful. Mostly, this win gives us security. We can pay off some bills, buy a new truck and know that our money will take care of us down the road,” shared Denis. Barb added, “Of course, we love our children and grandchildren and will be giving them money gifts. Winning the lottery fills us with gratitude and joy knowing that we can relax and do whatever we want.”

The winning ticket was purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart on Long Lake Road in Sudbury.

Winning the lottery fills us with gratitude and joy knowing that we can relax and do whatever we want.


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