Toronto, ON – Congratulations to Brian Dunne of Mississauga for winning a $100,000 top prize with POKER LOTTO (January 5, 2017).

“When I saw my cards come up on the lottery terminal, I began laughing so hard,” shared Brian while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto where he picked up his winnings. “I was calm and excited and loud and felt so many different emotions at that moment. Next, I spoke with OLG and they confirmed everything.”

The 45 year old factory worker called his mom to share the exciting news. “She hung up on me,” he laughed. “She needed a moment to process what I told her. Then, she called back and asked if I was lying. I answered, ‘Nope, I swear mom, I won.’ She was so happy for me.”

Plans are underway for Brian’s windfall. “I am so excited to treat myself to a new wardrobe. I need a new everything! I plan to invest some of my win and also take a vacation to a warm destination. I would love to go to Hawaii – it’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit. Winning the lottery gives me the freedom to do more. It has opened up so many doors. Life will now be a bit easier and a lot more fun,” concluded Brian.

The winning ticket was purchased at Fanery’s Convenience on Hurontario Street in Mississauga.

Life will now be a bit easier and a lot more fun.


$150,010 EST.

As of Sun, July 15 - 3:00PM ET