Toronto, ON – Congratulations to Gary Chariton of Markham, the winner of a $75,000 top prize with INSTANT WHEEL OF FORTUNE® (Game# 1889).

“I scratched my winning INSTANT WHEEL OF FORTUNE ticket at home,” shared Gary while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto where he picked up his big cheque. “I thought I had won so I set the ticket aside, took a deep breath and thought, ‘I need to go over this again because I probably missed something.’”

The married father grabbed a magnifying glass. “I went over every inch of that ticket and then I decided not to wake everyone up but instead check it at the store the morning after. I didn’t sleep much that night and when the morning arrived I said to my wife, ‘Let’s start 2017 on the right foot.’ Then, I handed her my winning ticket. After she grabbed the magnifying glass to check for herself, we both agreed the ticket was a winner.”

Gary went to the store and scanned his ticket in the ticket checker. “I wanted to find out once and for all.”

Plans are already underway for Gary’s windfall. “I have been playing the drums since I was a teenager and I’ve been in and out of bands for years. My dream come true would be a new drum kit and that’s exactly what I am treating myself to. I would also love a new SUV. Plus, it’s time to start planning a vacation to a hot destination or a trip to see family in Halifax. Winning the lottery is an awesome feeling. It’s difficult to put it into words. I would call it a euphoric moment,” concluded Gary. 

The winning ticket was purchased at Dollar Zone Tobacco Plus on 16th Avenue in Markham.

Winning the lottery is an awesome feeling.

Wed, July 18 JACKPOT

$2,000,000 EST.


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