Toronto, ONLarry and Cynthia Cluness of London are on Cloud 6/49 after winning the $5 million jackpot in the September 23, 2017 LOTTO 6/49 draw.

“Almost 30 years ago, we purchased a Quick Pick ticket and have stuck with those numbers ever since,” shared Larry, while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to pick up their cheque.

On the day of the win, Larry went to the gas station to fuel up and replay his LOTTO 6/49 ticket as he usually does twice a week. “I never use the ticket checker – I always hand my tickets to the clerk. And to my surprise, this time the terminal froze. The words ‘Big Winner’ came up on the screen and the clerk yelled out ‘You won $5 million!’” laughed Larry.

Shocked, Larry went directly home to share the news with Cynthia. “When Larry walked in the door, he was shaking and tearing up. I’ve never seen him like that before,” shared Cynthia. “When he told me the good news – I couldn’t believe it. But then I started thinking about all the things we could do.”

The parents of three and grandparents of five already have a trip planned for their immediate future. “I have a friend in Holland who often comes to visit us. I’ve always told her that once we win the big one, we’d visit her. And now we can!” laughed Cynthia.

In addition to making sure the future is financially secure for their children and grandchildren, the couple plan to ensure that their home works for them. “Stairs are difficult for Cynthia so we need to move to a bungalow or renovate our current home. Knowing that we have so many options to make life easier and more enjoyable is amazing,” concluded Larry. 

The winning ticket was purchased at Petro Canada on Dundas Street in London.  

Knowing that we have so many options to make life easier and more enjoyable is amazing.

Sat, June 23 JACKPOT

$7,000,000 EST.



Sat Jun 23