Toronto, ON – In the forty years he’s been playing the lottery, Luciano Polera of Richmond Hill has experienced that winning feeling several times. “I won a few small amounts, but nothing comes close to this!” This being the $23,630,711.80 July 7, 2017 LOTTO MAX jackpot he won last Friday.

“I woke up the day after the draw,” shared Luciano while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto where he picked up his winnings. “I went to the store and got a slip with the winning numbers. I went back home and while I enjoyed my morning coffee, I checked my numbers.”

The father of two began circling each winning number on his ticket. “With each circled number I repeated, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah!’ I turned to my wife and said, ‘I missed the jackpot by one number.’ She looked at the ticket and said, ‘You forgot to circle number 33.’ That was the number I needed!” Luciano maintained a cool demeanor. “I knew in that moment that I won the lottery. My wife, on the other hand, needed to check again. She kept asking, ‘Are you sure’ and I kept saying, ‘Yup!’”

Next, Luciano took a photo of his winning ticket. “I called OLG because I didn’t know what to do. I was told to go to a store and validate it. That’s exactly what I did and the retailer was very excited. So were the customers around me. They started to congratulate me and shake my hand. I think they just wanted to be close to someone who won the lottery,” he laughed.

Luciano says this win comes at the perfect time. “I am incredibly grateful. This last year was very challenging for us with health issues in our family. My wife and I have worked hard all our lives to provide for our children and the people we care about. Now, we can relax. It is a tremendous relief to know that money will never be a worry again.”

Plans are underway for Luciano’s windfall. “Okay, I want a two-seater sports car so that my wife and I can just take off to wherever we feel like going. We met and fell in love very young. We have grown up together. This is definitely our time to celebrate. I know my wife would really like to get a luxury SUV. We’d also like a condo or cottage by the water. The possibilities are endless. Above all else, I want joy for my children and this win will take care of them, as well as our future grandchildren, great grandchildren and all the generations to come.”

The winning ticket was purchased at Petro Canada on Red Maple in Richmond Hill.

It is a tremendous relief to know that money will never be a worry again.

Fri, June 22 JACKPOT

$42,000,000 EST.


Fri Jun 22