Toronto, ON – With family in attendance to cheer her on, Natalia Slik of Innisfil took a spin on THE BIG SPIN Wheel at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to win $175,000!  Natalia and her husband of 24 years, Cornell Slik, won a top prize with OLG’s THE BIG SPIN INSTANT game (#2097).

“My mom purchased the ticket for us as an Easter gift,” explained Natalia, a stay-at-home mom of three. “I normally don’t play the lottery on a regular basis.”

After Natalia scratched their ticket, she checked it on the OLG Lottery App. “I thought I only won a Free Play,” she recalled.

When Natalia went grocery shopping the next day, she decided to validate their ticket. “After the clerk checked the ticket she told me that I had to wait for OLG to call. I was confused and told her that I just won a free ticket,” she laughed. “When I learned I had won a minimum $100,000 prize and a chance to spin the BIG SPIN Wheel, I shed happy tears knowing that we’ll be mortgage-free!”

Natalia called her husband to share the good news. “She said to put her on speaker phone and gather the kids. When she told us that we had won big, I didn’t believe her!” said Cornell, an elevator technician.

The couple plans on doing some travelling and sharing their windfall with their children. “We also plan on taking special care of my mom,” Natalia concluded.

The winning ticket was purchased at Starbank on College Street in Toronto.

I shed happy tears knowing that we’ll be mortgage-free!

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