Toronto, ONPaul Hindo of Manotick is passionate about the people and the causes in his life. He loves a good round of golf, good music and good work that benefits others. But it was Paul’s recent good fortune that caught him totally by surprise when he discovered he had won the $22 Million LOTTO 6/49 jackpot from the Wednesday June 14, 2017 draw.

“The flashing lottery signs tend to grab my attention when I stop to get gas or sometimes when I am out shopping,” smiled Paul while at the OLG Prize in Toronto where he picked up his windfall.  “The day after the big draw I glanced at the LOTTO 6/49 sign and saw that the jackpot had dropped back to $5-million and I thought to myself, good for that person who won. I walked into the store to check my tickets, ready to throw them into the trash.”

After using the ticket checker, Paul  just stared at the screen. “I kept thinking, ‘this cannot be. This cannot be.’  I scanned the ticket again and could clearly see Grand Prize Winner and $22-million. I immediately left the store,” he recalled. “I pulled out my phone and checked the numbers online and they all matched up. That moment was unreal for me.”

Paul validated his ticket at the store and thinks back to how calm he was. “I was still very uncertain about everything. But the retailer knew right away. She was so excited that I actually helped calm her down, which makes me laugh to think about it now.”

Excited to share the good news with his wife, Paul picked up the phone and asked her to please sit down. “She hesitated then joked, this better be good.’ I said, ‘I won the lottery! She kept asking me if I was telling her the truth. Before the win, it was easy to imagine what I would do with all that money - take a year off and travel, buy a new, fancy sports car. Now though, that all seems frivolous. This win can really do so much more.”

Paul is involved in many good causes including health care charities and supporting the Canadian Forces. “I want to be wise and thoughtful with this money and continue to give back to Canada which has been phenomenally generous to me and my family. I moved here more than 40 years ago and my father always said, ‘citizenship is a privilege not a right.’ I honour his words every day.”

Paul definitely intends to celebrate his win but always has the bigger picture in mind. “Winning the lottery is freedom to make amazing choices for the betterment of my community, my family and my friends.”

Paul’s winning ticket was purchased at Preston Newsstand on Preston Street in Ottawa. 

Winning the lottery is freedom to make amazing choices for the betterment of my community, my family and my friends.

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