Toronto, ON – With his wife and his son by his side, Robert (Bob) Saunders of Ajax took a spin on THE BIG SPIN Wheel at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to win $150,000! Bob won a top prize with OLG’s new THE BIG SPIN INSTANT game (#2040).

“I decided to buy THE BIG SPIN INSTANT ticket because it was a new game, and really different. My very first ticket was a winner! I only won $5 that time – but I was so happy I decided to buy a few more,” shared Bob. “The fourth ticket I played caught me by surprise. I scratched the word ‘SPIN’ and then saw the words ‘BIG SPIN’ on the lottery terminal screen. I couldn’t believe it. I play the lottery for fun but never expected to win a top prize!”

Bob, a retired security guard, wanted to share the news right away with his wife but knew that she couldn’t answer her phone. “Maryanne is a school bus driver so her phone was turned off,” shared Bob, “so I went to celebrate my big win with the waitresses at my favourite coffee shop instead.  Now that I’ve picked up my cheque, I’ll go back to the coffee shop and pay it forward by treating some customers and dropping off some gifts for the staff.”

With $150,000 in his pocket, the father of two and grandfather of three, also has a couple of other plans in the making. “I’d like to buy my wife a new SUV and then take a driving trip to see family. Paying down some debt is also a priority.”

This win comes at good time for Bob and his family. “I had to retire early in part due to health issues – I’ve had several small strokes over the years. It feels so great to be able to relax, knowing we have this windfall for our future,” concluded Bob. 

The winning ticket was purchased at Rexall Pharma Plus on Westney Road in Ajax.

It feels so great to be able to relax, knowing we have this windfall for our future.

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