TORONTO, ON – Congratulations to Thom Peart of Longford Mills for winning $871,449.30 from the January 7, 2017 LOTTARIO draw.

“LOTTARIO is my favourite game,” shared Thom while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto where he picked up his winnings. “I love that it’s just for Ontario and the jackpots are plenty high for me!”

The day following the draw, Thom stopped by the store to check his ticket. “This is my biggest win ever and I really didn’t expect it. I used the ticket checker and saw the words, ‘Big Winner’ flash on the screen along with what looked like $871.”

Thom left the store and called his son. “I said to him, ‘You should’ve been with me because I just won a nice chunk of money. Next, I walked into my house and told my wife that I won $871. Her response was, ‘Great! That means more fun with the kids and grandkids in Florida.’ We are planning a family vacation in the near future.”

Thom wondered why the ticket checker would display, ‘Big Winner’ if he won $871. “So, I went to another store to use the ticket checker. That’s when I realized I won the jackpot! I tucked the ticket into my pocket and began to cry as I left the store. I couldn’t get home fast enough to share the winning moment with my wife. I ran into our house crying and my wife thought I had bad news. Instead I said, ‘I made a big mistake. What do you think about retiring? I just won LOTTARIO!’ We hugged each other and cried tears of joy.”

Plans are underway for Thom’s windfall. “Winning the lottery means freedom and peace of mind. A weight has been lifted with no worries now about our financial future. My greatest joy is seeing the people I love happy. This win will allow my wife and I to spend more time together. More time spoiling our children and grandchildren, going on adventures and just enjoying our life!” concluded Thom.

The winning ticket was purchased at Laclie Convenience on Laclie Street in Orillia.

A weight has been lifted with no worries now about our financial future.


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